Thursday, 21 August 2014

Ohlsen & van Engen on Different forms of feedback

Ronald Ohlsen and Jeroen van Engen attracted quite an audience to their presentation on "the different forms of feedback for writing and speaking skills in an output-oriented approach". The study in question was about a one-year course of Dutch for a special group of Chinese students of Dutch. The intensive course consisted of 560 contact hours and 570 self-study hours. To support them in showcase their learning, a mobile responsive website was created. The students were guided towards becoming autonomous learners from the beginning and to become aware of what will be expected of them during and at the end of the course. The can-do statements and the CEFR descriptors were used to outline the skill areas and levels targeted.
The assignments were designed to be as meaningful as possible, and both written and spoken language were supported throughout the course. Emphasis was put on learning to give and receive feedback, which may not be a typical activity in the students' home university in China.

The website that was used to showcase the digital artifacts, was created in Drupal (, a opensource CMS. The website was extended with various modules (Media, Soundcloud, Voting, Workbench) to design a workflow management system. The website can be found on and/or you can e-mail us for more information: (Jeroen) / (Ronald)

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