Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mei Lin and her colleagues on Collaborative inquiry

In their project Mei and her colleagues want to engage the learners with the written word and deal with the ambiguity through addressing a question that has no single correct answer.

As the technology to support this, they use the Tabletops and with the Mysteries approach to do this (see pics below)

They used the Thinking Skills framework (Moseley et al., 2004) that has been created earlier (see pic below).

Data analysis was carried out in an interdisciplinary team
- moment to moment multimodal interaction
- function of talk and higher order thinking
- affordances of technology

Two lenses on collaborative interaction: sense-making and shared understanding - organisational structure: turn-taking, sequental organisation development of shared understanding

Their sequencing framework can be seen in the picture:


Here a picture of the students working at the tabletop:

Mei Lin is more than happy to explain their project in more detail or plan a cooperation project together with you. You can contact her at:

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