Friday, 22 August 2014

Ilona Laakkonen on Personal Learning Environments and Course Design

Ilona Laakkonen presentation was an exploration on how to adapt the ideology of the Personal Learning Environment (PLE) to a higher education language course. First part of the presentation was on defining the concept of PLEs and this posting is on that part. The other parts outlined a HE course where PLE was used throughout and the presenter discussed the methodological aspects of researching learning and PLEs. Finally, focus was put on the development on the digital literacies of the students and the Beetham&Sharpe (2010) development framework. For those of you interested in the idea of PLE, here is one way of looking at the components of PLE as part of formal learning:

In the current study, the idea was to design a continuum of activities that would align with the studies at the university and employ PLEs throughout them. The ideal design would be as follows:

Ask for more information on the concept or on the possible research approaches from the presenter: Ilona Laakkonen, or see at (mostly in Finnish, but go for the Publications section for English content)

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  1. I really enjoyed this talk and fully agree with having students construct their own PLE rather than us, teachers, pushing it to them.