Friday, 22 August 2014

M-J Hamel et al on Using screen capture tools for L2 writing course

Marie-Josée starts by reminding us that
1) the digital technologies represent important new multimodal spaces and resources for L2 students and their instructors and that
2) understanding student's writing behaviours at the computer is a fundamental part of developing the writing pedagogy.
In their 3-year study, the researchers use video screen capture technology (VSC) to understand the processes of writing, to be able to scaffold the students reflection and also give the students opportunities to reflect on their writing process. The research questions are whether the studest find the tools useful and what are the advantages of VSC use in a language writing course: critical reflection, language competence, language autonomy.

The theoretical framework is built on the following:

More information from the presenters. (Quickest way to reach Marie-Josée is via Twitter: @mjhamel20)


  1. Thank you Peppi! See you next year @eurocall for the third part of our study where we will present the analysis of the screen capture videos produced by the students. See you then...

    1. Looking forward to that Marie-Josée, your work is really impressive!